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Using tape in medical practice

Using tape in medical practice

Kinesiology tape is a great way for medical professionals to help patients with discomfort. Kinesiology taping can be used to supplement treatment plans for a patient, it's much less expensive, and has many benefits.

If you’re a physical therapist, chiropractor, or medical professional looking to incorporate more kinesiology tape when treating patients, read along! We’re here to remind you of some of the benefits that you and your patients are missing out on for not utilizing kinesiology tapes enough.

We’ll go over some of the most important reasons why it's so beneficial for you AND your patients to use this tool more often!

Allows your Patient to Move 

Designed to mimic the skin, kinesiology tape is elastic, breathable, and moves as the body moves. It’s why it’s such an ideal tool to give support to muscles and joints without having to restrict movement. 

Perfect for patients who are athletes, folks who have active lifestyles, or for people who have labor-intensive jobs, kinesiology tape can still do what they’re intended to do without much fuss. 

Kinesiology taping improves mobility by decreasing pain caused by common injuries or reducing the risk of injury before strenuous activity. For instance, kinesiology tape is commonly used to treat knee injuries.

allows movement

More Comfortable than Braces & Wraps

Unlike braces and wraps, kinesiology tapes bring a barely-there feel that makes it comfortable for your patients to go about their daily activities without feeling restricted. Much better than athletic tape when it comes to accommodating movement, kin tapes also give your patient a wider range of motion. 

What’s more, since kin tapes are designed to be long-lasting, your patients can wear them for several days, unlike traditional wraps or athletic tape.

better than braces and wraps

Help Patients Reduce Risk for Injury

A study done about dancers who used kinesiology tape found that it helps in preventing injuries while dancing. The findings indicate that taping reduces muscle spasms and aids in rebuilding muscle strength since it helps with joint movement and regulates muscle tone. 

By supporting weaker limbs, it helps prevent injuries. It’s also perfect for professional athletes who are always moving. Do you have patients that are in the sports arena? If so, they can benefit a lot from taping! 

reduce risk for injuries

Provide Patients More Support for Muscle Injuries

Kinesiology tape is elastic, mimics the skin, and moves as you move. This is why it’s great for bringing support for weak muscles without restricting mobility. Some of the more popular running injuries that benefit from kinesiology taping are Achilles tendinitis and runner’s knee. 

musle injury support

Improve your Patient’s Blood and Fluid Circulation

By lifting the skin of a swollen area, kinesiology tape (designed by Dr. Kenzo Kase) helps improve fluid circulation. By creating space under the skin, it boosts the flow of lymphatic fluid in the body aiding lymphatic drainage. 

In fact, for bruising and swelling, a fan strip is incorporated into the taping protocol to take care of the affected area. You can check out some of our taping protocols on how to tape different areas of the body

Improve blood Circulation

Prevent Joint Irritation

Kinesiology tape has been proven to help in creating spaces between joints that can help prevent pain and irritation. Studies done with tape applied to target the knee joint and another one on the shoulders have proven this. 

So, patients that are always on their feet or spend a lot of time running from one place to another, can especially benefit from taping. Their knees will definitely thank you! 

joint irritation

Improve your Patients’ Posture 

Kinesiology tape can be used to improve posture. Better alignment of the body reduces strain on your patients’ spine and joints, improving both comfort and mobility.  

Additionally, kin tape can help cue your patients’ muscles to stay in the right posture instead of reverting back to its old position.

For example, if your patient has a nasty habit of slouching and it’s affecting his/her movement, you can turn to kinesiology taping to address it! We actually made an article about shoulder impingement and how to improve posture, Check it out!

improving patients posture


Treat Swelling and Inflammation

Kin tape works by lifting the skin to increase blood flow and facilitate lymphatic drainage. This helps muscles work efficiently with less effort because more oxygen flowing through the body allows for better athletic performance. Test it out for yourself!

You can even check out our article on bruise taping to see some sample protocols that you can incorporate into your treatment plan for bruising. You can also see some before and after photos of bruising with kinesiology tape.

swelling joint

Helps in Patient Recovery 

Since kinesiology tape reduces swelling and inflammation, it also speeds up the body's natural healing process. While kinesiology tape does not cure the underlying cause of pain or injury, it can help you get back to your normal activities faster. Speed up the recovery and get your patient back in the game!! 

Injury recovery support

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Since kinesiology tape has been created, it has increasingly become more popular amongst the regular population - not just among physical therapists and chiropractors. It can be virtually seen everywhere from elite athletes sporting these tapes in events or races to regular folks who are on the grind from day today. 

With the benefits that this non-invasive, inexpensive, convenient tool brings, perhaps it’s high time for you to start incorporating it more and more into your treatment plans! 

Word of caution though, if you don’t have much experience using different brands of kinesiology tape and tape manufacturers, know that not all ktapes are created equal. Since these tapes involve skin adhesion, it’s prudent to opt for ones that are friendly to the skin. 

Happy taping!