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How to get rid of bruising using kinesiology tape

  • 3 min read

Bruise taping

If you have ever had a bruise, then you know that it can be both painful and unsightly. Bruises happen when the small blood vessels under your skin become damaged from trauma or injury. 

Kinesiology tape is a type of elastic therapeutic tape that has been shown to help with bruises by stimulating circulation in the area where it's applied. By increasing fluid circulation and blood flow to the area, kinesiology tape helps reduce pain and swelling associated with bruising, making it more comfortable for everyday activities!


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While we don't know the precise physiological mechanism, it is theorized that with proper application,  the tape has enough lift on the skin above the bruise to allow for enhanced microcirculation.

Want to know more about what kinesiology tape can do for you? You can read our article about the benefits of kinesiology tape here.

How to apply kinesiology tape on bruises

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  1. Cut two pieces of tape to span the length of the swollen area. Cut four one-inch fans in each piece of tape leaving a one-inch tab at the end of the tape.
  2. Apply your security strip through the anchor, rip the paper backing off each individual fan.
  3. Place each fan spanning the area of the edema with 0% tension on the tape.
  4. Gently rub in the tape to activate the adhesive.


kinesiology taping for thigh edema

  1. Measure two security strips spanning the area of edema on the thigh.
  2. Cut each security strip into four one-inch fans, leaving a one-inch tab at one end of the tape.
  3. Secure the tape on the skin using the tab.
  4. Apply each fan with 0% tension, removing the paper backing as you go. Remember that you want the fans to span the entire area of edema.
  5. Apply your second security strip in an opposite direction to the first. Remove the paper backing and place the tab on the skin to secure the tape job.
  6. Apply your fans individually, removing the paper backing as you go. Each fan should be applied, again, with 0% tension.
  7. Rub in the tape to activate the adhesive.
  8. Upon completion of the tape job, you should have a basket weave pattern over the area of edema.

This is probably the most “visible” application, firstly because it usually looks rather fancy, and secondly, because the result is rather jaw-dropping. It’s hard to suggest that kinesiology tape has no effect with 24-48 hour bruise changes like this.


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Additionally, if you’re new to kinesiology taping, it’s good to know that cutting sessions might turn gummy - which can be frustrating! Make sure that you always experience smooth and gum-free cutting by having the right pair of scissors. 

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