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Wearing a dress for Valentine's day dinner? Here are some tips to spice up your outfit

  • 2 min read

Here’s how kinesiology tape can help you nail that Valentine’s Day Date night look

For the ladies looking forward to Valentine’s day this February, we’ll let you in on a secret. Kinesiology tape is going to be your best friend after reading this blog! 

A proven tool for celebs and stylists alike, kinesiology tape can enhance the appearance of your outfit. Provide your body with support and a bit of shaping to look stunning for your date.  

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Here’s how you can use tape this February for a fun and romantic Valentine's day date night: 

  • Lift and support the bust- Apply strips of tape horizontally underneath the bust to lift and support it. This is especially useful for plunging, halter, and asymmetrical necklines that won’t allow you to make use of your trusty push-up bra. 
  • Slim the waist and enhance your curves - If you need that extra cinch to achieve a snatched waist, reaching for your roll of kinesiology tape can do the trick. Apply strips of tape vertically along the sides of your waist to create a slimming effect. To enhance your curves, you can also apply the tape along the sides of your hips to enhance and define your curves.
  • Give your buttocks a lift -If you’re wearing a body-hugging ensemble, make sure that you give your toosh some extra love and attention by giving them a lift. Learn how to do just that bychecking out and following these tips
  • Improve posture- If you're wearing a dress that exposes your back, kinesiology tape can help improve your posture. Applying the tape in specific ways can help keep your shoulders back and reduce slouching. Learn how to improve your posture byfollowing these steps
  • Avoid wardrobe malfunctions - If your dress is a bit loose in certain areas or if you're worried about it riding up, kinesiology tape can help keep everything in place. Simply apply the tape to the inside of your dress to prevent any slipping or sliding.

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If you want more taping tips depending on the type of neckline your ensemble will have, learn more about it here

Make sure that you follow the proper application instructions to avoid discomfort and skin irritation. Consider trying the tape on beforehand to ensure it does not show under your dress.

Overall, kinesiology tape can be a great addition to your Valentine's Day date night attire, providing both functional and cosmetic benefits. Enjoy and have fun!

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