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Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape was developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase in the ‘70s to provide muscle support without limiting movement. It’s also been designed to help with general discomfort, boosting muscle support, and aid in muscle recovery. Since its popularity rose, physical therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and even the regular joe turn to ktapes to help with their active lifestyle. 

Made from cotton,  spandex, and adhesive, kinesiology tape mimics skin elasticity and is stretchier than other athletic tapes. Designed to be water-resistant, you can wear ktape as you sweat out at the gym, swimming, diving, or when engaging in any outdoor activity. You can even wear them as you shower.

Kinesiology tapes work by lifting the skin from the muscle below. In turn, the tape reduces swelling and promotes blood flow to the muscle to increase its function. 

Much more comfortable than braces and wraps, this extra elastic tape aids support for injured muscles without restricting movement. As it serves as excellent support for weaker limbs, it also reduces your risk for injury.  What’s more, ktape affords you a much more customizable fit!

If you want to know more about kinesiology tape, you can visit our Education page.

There are various ways of applying kinesiology tape for different parts of the body. If this is your first time using kinesiology tape, you can ask your physiotherapist or chiropractor for some advice on proper application. 

You can check out our Education page to learn proper taping protocols for different areas of the body. There are also tons of online resources that you can go to, including Youtube, that demonstrate proper taping protocols for different body parts as well as injuries.

We recommend wearing TapeGeeks tape for a maximum of 3 days. After 3 days of consistent wear, we highly advise you to remove the tape. Let your skin breathe for a minimum of 24 hours before reapplying. We know other brands recommend wearing tape for up to 5-7 days. While this may sound appealing, we highly discourage this - no matter what brand. Your skin needs to breathe!

Dab a generous amount of baby oil or cooking oil on the kinesiology tape. Let it sit for about 15-20 minutes. Then, gently pull the tape in the direction of the hair growth to remove the tape. Press on the skin as you remove and peel the tape. It would be ideal to do this in the shower so as not to make a mess. Initially, you can also try removing the tape simply in the shower without the baby oil or cooking oil. Typically using just water will also do the trick!

Power Wrap

A cohesive bandage is a multi-purpose and stretchy bandage that sticks only to itself. Self-adherent, it doesn’t stick to skin or hair and does not need pins or adhesives when used. Different athletes and active folks can use these bandages for support, stability, and compression for muscles and joints. They are also used to hold down dressings for wounds.

Tape Geeks’ cohesive bandage provides you all these benefits and more! Just like our kinesiology tapes, you can rely on our athletic bandages to be gentle on your skin. Our bandages are also made in an ISO-certified facility to ensure that nothing but the utmost quality.

You can apply a cohesive bandage much like a regular bandage without needing adhesives or pins to secure it in place. Since these wraps are stretchy, you can adjust the tension for support and compression according to your needs and preferences. 

And, unlike applying kinesiology tapes, you don’t have to stick to a strict protocol when using these bandages.

Self-adhesive bandages, unlike regular bandages, don’t need pins or adhesives when used for wrapping. Again, as they are self-adherent, they do not stick on skin or hair making the wrap easy to use AND remove. 

As a stand-alone tape, you don’t need adhesives or pins to secure them in place. And, since you can tear them by hand, you don’t need scissors to cut them to their appropriate size in width and height.

Yes, they are reusable! Since cohesive bandages don’t rely on adhesive for their stick, you can use them several times. They are also handy when you’ve made taping mistakes, especially if you’re a beginner. Easily peel off the wrap and adjust it accordingly! 

Tape Geeks cohesive bandages for one, gives a great stick, and delivers a secure hold. Even if you’ve used your bandage a couple of times, you can rely on them for a great stick!

Tape Geeks cohesive bandage is water-resistant, so yes! You don’t have to be troubled about the wrap ‘giving’ when they get exposed to, let’s say, sweat. Since they’re designed to be worn by folks who stay active, they can withstand movement, as well. 

Engage in rigorous activities without worrying much about slippage, especially when you use Tape Geeks Power Wrap! Our tapes deliver maximum stick to bring you support and compression that lasts a long time.

We do not recommend that you wash cohesive bandages. While these bandages can be used several times, they’re not exactly made of cloth; they have a film-like composition instead. So, by washing them, you’ll ultimately be stripping them of their ‘stick’ rendering them useless for their intended use and function. 

But worry not! Tape Geeks cohesive bandages deliver a long-lasting adherence that allows you to use a strip numerous times.


Tape Geeks scissors are specially designed to cut through sticky kinesiology tape. 

The Tape Geeks Kinesiology Tape Scissors, for instance, has its Japanese stainless steel coated with black carbon and fluorine resin. This construction keeps off gum residue and prevents the blades from sticking together. Additionally, Japanese stainless steel is extremely durable and maintains a sharper edge compared to other types of steel. Enjoy a smooth and precise cutting with this pair!

Don’t fall for the name. Tape Geeks Kinesiology Tape Scissors aren’t just great for cutting kinesiology tape. These multi-purpose shears can cut through different types of thick and thin materials. Easily cut through several layers of gauze, fabrics, crafting, or even packaging materials. 

With the blunted tips, put this pair inside your bag or pocket without worrying about accidental tears. And, if you accidentally dropped these, avoid accidental pokes as well.

Japanese stainless steel is considered to be one of the best materials to use for scissors. Durable, flexible, and able to maintain a sharp edge, this type of steel is also commonly used for making hair-cutting scissors.

To ensure that you can properly take care of your Tape Geeks Kinesiology Tape Scissors, we’ve included a free microfiber conditioning cloth. Make sure to wipe off the pair after every use to keep it in pristine condition.

Since Tape Geeks scissors are made from Japanese stainless steel, they are extremely durable - they’re designed to last a lifetime! These scissors aren’t prone to rust, either. Just make sure to wipe off and take care of this pair. 

Properly care for these shears using the free microfiber conditional cloth that comes with them. Make it a habit to wipe off any residue on the blades after every use to keep them sharp and in a pristine condition.

Since these are used to cut through used bandages and even clothes, the blunted or curved tip of medical scissors ensures that you can safely cut through these materials without poking or even lacerating skin. The flattened knob at the tip also makes it easier for you to slip the blades under the bandages or clothes when you’re about to cut it. 

What’s more, if you unintentionally drop these shears, the blunted tips will stop those inadvertent pokes. Even when you store these in your pockets, worry not about accidental tears!

Most medical scissors are autoclavable to make sure that you can thoroughly sterilize them properly after each use. Autoclaves use heat and pressure to kill off bacteria and spores.

TapeGeeks Bandage Scissors, for example, are autoclavable to 290°F/ 143°C to ensure that the pair is thoroughly cleaned. Additionally, the PP handles are also carefully chosen as they can withstand autoclave sterilization.

If you’re not using TapeGeeks Bandage Scissors for medical purposes, you can keep them in pristine condition by wiping them clean with the free microfiber conditioning cloth. And, make sure to always wipe the blades when you’ve used this pair in activities that involve water.

Ideally, bandage scissors should be sharp enough to cut through several layers of bandage, gauze, or even clothing since they’re mostly used for emergencies. 

Knowing this, we’ve made sure that TapeGeeks Bandage Scissors are built with durable materials that’ll be able to adapt to these demands. Made from Japanese stainless steel, you can count on our shears to cut through thin and thick materials alike. Additionally, they also feature deep serrations in the blades that make it easier for you to cut through different types of materials with ease.

Tape Geeks Scissors are made with Japanese stainless steel. So, this means that they’re not prone to rust. To help you keep these shears in sharp and pristine condition, we made sure to include a free microfiber conditioning cloth to make sure that you can wipe the blades clean after every use. 

For those who are curious if you can use these shears in activities that involve water (just like scuba diving), the answer is yes! Again, you have to ensure that you properly wipe off the blades after using them to make these shears last you a lifetime.

Absolutely! These shears aren’t just designed to cut bandages. They are also able to cut through seatbelts and even tougher materials at that. Aside from layers of bandages, gauze, kinesiology tapes,  fabrics, packaging, and crafting materials, these shears are also able to cut through metals. 

Easily cut through aluminum sheets, wires, and other metals. Reach for these when you’re engaging in heavy-duty work that includes cutting wires and even sheet metal.

Absolutely! Tape Geeks Kinesiology Tape Scissors are easy to use. Featuring an angled handle that makes it both right and left-hand compatible, anyone can use these shears to cut through anything. Plus, the long handle ensures that you stay comfortable even through long cutting sessions. 

The TPU-coating on the handles makes sure that you have a secure grip and avoid any slippage. Plus, the adjustable blade tension allows you to set up these shears, not too hard and not too soft, just precisely to your liking. Smoothly cut through a variety of materials, even sticky tape, with these non-stick shears.

Tape Geeks scissors are extremely sharp and will last a very long time. In most cases, you can go years without resharpening these blades. However, should you ever feel the need to resharpen them, we recommend getting them resharpened at a professional sharpening service. These types of service centers should be easy enough to find in major shopping malls in your area.

Tape Geeks Kinesiology Tape scissors measures 21,5 cm (8.46 in). The blades’ length is 10cm (3.9in) and its handle length at 8cm (3.15in).

Tape Geeks Bandage scissors measure 7.5 inches which makes them easy to handle.