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Drag race beauty secrets you can use everyday

  • 3 min read

Drag race secrets you can use everyday

Life is such a drag, ain’t it? 

Live it up a little and let us help you raise the bar with these drag-queen-taping secrets you didn’t think you needed in your life. It’s RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15 - and we’re taking notes!

Serve Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent realness with these techniques to start unleashing your inner queen!

Whether you just want to slay every day or you need a few tips to claim your crown to enjoy your queendom-come, you can try these out!

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1. Vavavoom cleavage

If you’re not planning on using boob bibs and want to go au naturel, squeeze in your God-given buns by using this boob-taping method to show some cleavage. You can also use these tapes to lift your boobs, especially when you’re wearing necklines that are just too complicated for a bra. 

For those who are blessed with big ones and would like to tone them a bit, you can also make them appear a bit smaller. The possibilities are endless! Enhance it with a little contour magic and you’re ready to werq the runway, henny!

2. Securing your wig

One of the first things we change when we want to change our looks is our hair. A lot of drag queens use harsh-to-the-skin duct tape to secure their wigs. Try replacing this with kinesiology tapes. 

For your head-banging lip sync for your live performances or just simply making sure your wig doesn’t fall off, these tapes give additional tension for your bobby pins to hold on to instead of on your wig cap alone.

3. Snatched face

Even over-the-top make-up can only do so much. Keep your face snatched by using our tapes to lift your face or neck and hide it under your wig. Add a touch of concealer to keep it smooth and unnoticeable.

While you’re not working the runway, you can also try face taping to reduce and prevent wrinkles. If you’re looking for a way to really show your inner queen, an instant facelift can do wonders!

4. A real ass-assin

Category is… smooth like butt-er. If you’ve been blessed with a plump toosh but squats ain’t cutting it, try lifting it with butt taping. To give you that ideal lift, we’ve got the tricks here for you. This smooth and seamless technique can give you that Kardashian-approved bum.

5. Run for the heels

Performing in heels or even just wearing ‘em for 5 minutes is such a draaaag. Instead of using ugly band-aids, grab your kinesiology tapes and customize your heel and toe covers to make sure your feet are protected when wearing platform heels. 

6. What the tuck? 

One of the most important techniques in drag is the art of tucking. Aside from drag and also for transitioning, tucking can be done to make the groin area smoother and sometimes less distracting if you are in the entertainment or the field of performance sports like figure skating. 

You may want to start tucking with protective underwear instead of directly applying it to your groin. Make sure it’s clean, dry, and shaven!

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Whether you’re taping to master the art of drag or looking for ways to upgrade your look, these tips will definitely make you look and feel brand new and definitely beat the house down, boots!

Condragulations! You have now graduated from duct tapes and moved to a better alternative - kinesiology tapes from Tape Geeks!

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