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Got A Kinesiology Tape Rash? Don't Panic!

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Got A Kinesiology Tape Rash? Don't Panic!

Skin is a very delicate organ. It’s highly exposed to the elements and highly innervated with large ma

pping on our big human brains. The list of potential assaults is long, from too much exposure to the sun to brushing against an abrasive surface. There are plenty of hazards that will liberate a few cells of thickness of skin.

So what do you think happens to those same outermost layers of skin cells when you adhere cotton via glue? Yup…they come off…wax-job style. Maybe not with the results of Steve Carell in “The 40-Year Old Virgin”’s chest hair but… off they come nonetheless.

If you are one of the modest number of regular kinesiology tape users who does get a rash, try these things:

- Don’t add so much stretch to the middle of the tape

- Give yourself much longer “anchor pieces” (the ends of the taping application)

- Try a kinesiology tape with a less strong adhesive (more is not always better for everyone)

- Only use tape over clean skin (no lotions under the tape)

- Only use the tape for 2 days duration then leave it off for at least a full day

- If you’ve sweat heavily or the tape has become dirty during activities, get it off

- If you experience any itching under the tape, off it comes…immediately

While a rash is often red, itchy and can be bumpy, it usually resolves within the day. Do not apply kinesiology tape until that skin looks, and feels, completely normal again. Then follow the above advice for subsequent applications.

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