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7 Top Fitness Influencers Who Will Inspire you to Move

  • 4 min read

7 Top Fitness Influencers Who Will Inspire you to Move

Ever wonder what your favorite influencer uses to keep up with their active lifestyle? Well, here, we’re gonna let you in on a secret! 

Meet these up and upcoming digital creators and fitness enthusiasts who not only inspire you to move but also lets you in on insights on how to achieve your fitness goals.

And, helping these folks optimize their performance is Tape Geeks! Learn how these gym junkies incorporate kinesiology taping to train hard while giving their muscles and joints the support it needs.



Chris Kalisz is no stranger to pain and trauma. Being a wrestler and a health and fitness professional, he’s privy to both experiencing aches and pains to providing relief for them!

He’s been part of the wrestling arena for 12 years and is also working as a Corrective Exercise/ Movement Therapist and Neuromyofascial Specialist. He focuses on holistic pain management solutions that include corrective and functional movement mechanics, nervous system and fascial system-based therapies (SRT), and energy/emotional techniques.

With kinesiology tape being a staple tool for his trade, he wants nothing but the best out there. Chris trusts Tape Geeks for all his taping needs. 



Are you looking for your next workout buddy? Train with the PE guy to get faster, stronger, and smarter - whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey or a seasoned one at that! To top it off, get access to dozens of tips and tricks while this coach helps you push yourself further. There’s nothing like a great fitness accountability buddy to reach your fitness goals!

Tape Geeks kinesiology tape helps Miles push his performance further! Having used other kinesiology tape brands, he is impressed with TG’s strong stick without being harsh to the skin. 


A certified personal trainer and a dancer, Helena Ziemer is all about getting your body moving and staying fit! Not just showcasing her active lifestyle, her Instagram page is a treasure trove of fitness routines you can try, healthy food recipes, and more! As if she’s not busy enough, this Hellafit entrepreneur also offers live classes for people who want to be hella hot for the summer.  

Being such a busy bee, kinesiology tape helps her to keep going! Helena trusts Tape Geeks kinesiology tape to keep up with her active lifestyle. 




Get inspired to move and hit your fitness goals with Victoria Kennedy! By sharing encouraging words on her Instagram page, she helps you stay focused and keep pushing forward to get you where you need to be. Here, she also shares some of her best finds and products that help out with her wellness and fitness journey. One of them is Tape Geeks!

Victoria uses Tape Geeks kinesiology tapes to help her with recovery and injury prevention. The fitness enthusiast has been using our tapes to help out her knee.



If you’re looking for some inspiration pictures in keeping fit, look no further than Amin Nafar’s Instagram page. Posting some clips of his workouts almost daily, get a glimpse of some useful moves that you can definitely incorporate into your routine.

Of course, being a fan of staying active, Amin has had a few sore spots. That’s why he’s had some help from Tape Geeks. Here’s what Amin had to say about the brand:

“I’ve been struggling with shoulder soreness for quite a while now and was skeptical about Kin tapes before I tried Tapegeeks but I was honestly blown away at the benefits it provided with respect to perceived pain. Would definitely recommend them if you’re looking to temporarily limit pain whilst you make a full recovery”


As a fitness model and being an ISSA-certified trainer, Christoforos Jordan’s job is to look good and stay fit. But it’s not all fun and games, though. Working out and putting in consistent effort and grinding it out at the gym is part and parcel of staying as fit as he is! But going hard at his workouts can also take its toll. That’s why Chris has turned to Tape Geeks kinesiology tape to get support for his muscles and tight joints.




As a Spartan Pro Team member, Kelly Sully is no stranger to hardcore endurance races. This comes hand in a hand with equally grueling training beforehand. It’s safe to say that this lady is no stranger to pain! But even the most elite athletes need some help when it comes to pushing their performance further. 

Kelly has used Tape Geeks kinesiology tape to help give her shoulder support during her first race. She hasn’t looked back! Our tapes stay on her no matter how grueling and sweaty the race is. Have your pick among vibrant colors, And, if you love purple, just like Kelly, we have that color, too!


If you haven’t noticed it already, these super-fit up-and-comers use hard work, determination, and grit to reach their fitness goals. Sharing not just their exercise moves, these health fanatics are here to inspire you to move and help you focus to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

This is what Tape Geeks also aims to do! We want to help YOU optimize your performance and help you push yourself further with taping. 

Bringing your joints and muscles the support it needs, Tape Geeks is here to stick with you no matter how hard the road gets on your fitness journey!

Optimize your performance with Tape Geeks today!

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