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Kin tape: Buy skin-friendly Tape Geeks kin tape on Amazon

  • 2 min read

Kin tape: Buy skin-friendly Tape Geeks kin tape on Amazon

Experience muscle support, relieve tension, and push your performance further when you tape with Tape Geeks! Find every tool you’ll need on your taping journey from strong yet sensitive kinesiology tapes to extra-sharp Japanese stainless steel kin taping scissors.

Tape Geeks Kinesiology Tape.Experience great stick without making your skin sick when you use Tape Geeks kinesiology tapes! Gone are the days of you worrying about skin irritation even as you wear our adhesives for several days. Hypoallergenic, latex-free, and made in an ISO-certified facility, our kin tapes are designed to take care of, not just your aches and pains, but also your skin!

Depending on your needs, pick and choose among our kin tape bundles. Whether you feel like testing the waters first with the 2” (5cm) TG K Tape or want to stock up on your supplies with a roll or two of the 2” TG Bulk K Tape, we’ve figured it out for you!

For in-betweeners, you can also choose between 2-pack, 3-pack, and 6-pack bundles. For beginners or those of you who don’t want to be bothered with measuring and cutting, opting for our 2” TG Precut K Tape should do the trick!

Serving as an excellent add-on should you want to complete your taping kit, choosing between Tape Geeks kinesiology taping scissors and our Tape Geeks Medical scissors are both equally great!

Kinesiology Taping Scissors

Tape Geeks Kinesiology Taping Scissors.Cut through any kinesiology tape like butter with the razor-sharp Tape Geeks kin taping scissors! Made from Japanese stainless steel blades, these shears, unlike most, are built to last a lifetime. 

This pair is packed with useful features! With non-stick blades, ambidextrous handles, and durability, this pair isn’t just perfect for cutting through several layers of kinesiology tape but is also great for cutting different materials daily.



Medical Scissors

Tape Geeks Medical Scissors. If you’re looking for razor-sharp and extra-durable shears that can cut even through metal, then look no further than the Tape Geeks Medical Scissors! Featuring serrated blades, blunted ends, and being lightweight, these scissors aren’t just great for medical professionals.

This pair can keep up with you even if you’re cutting through thick materials such as wires and metals. You can’t go wrong with these multi-purpose shears!



So, are you ready to start your taping journey?

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