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Who should NOT be using kinesiology tape?

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Who should NOT be using kinesiology tape?

Bringing a slew of benefits, kinesiology tape has gained popularity among elite athletes and active folks alike. These vividly colored athletic tapes deliver not just support for muscle and joints but also enhance your performance for those heart-pumping activities that you engage in. 

Table of Contents

A. What are the contraindications for using kinesiology tape?
B. When should you consult with a professional?
C. How should you prepare your skin when applying kinesiology tape?
D. What’s the best skin-friendly kinesiology tape?

E. Conclusion

It’s no wonder it has been one of the go-to tools of medical professionals like physical therapists and chiropractors. AC joint sprain and even bruises are just some of the conditions that kin tape helps treat. 

But, just like any medical tool, it may not be fit for some people. 

In this article, learn the circumstances where you should NOT use kinesiology tape. 

Contraindications for using kinesiology tape

If you have any of these conditions, youshould consider consulting a medical professional prior to using kinesiology tape

  • Any allergy to adhesives such as band-aids. People with allergies to any of the kinesiology tape ingredients are better off avoiding kinesiology tape. 

In some cases, people develop an allergy to natural rubber latex which is found on most kinesiology tapes as adhesive backing. With prolonged use of kinesiology tape, even on healthy individuals, this can cause contact dermatitis or rashes that look like sunburns. 

So if you’ve been using kinesiology tape for a long time now and you keep exhibiting signs of these ailments, see your physician immediately. 

If you want to learn more about how to properly prepare your skin to avoid irritation when applying kinesiology tape, you can also check out our article about it

  • Existing conditions like cuts and open wounds. Kinesiology tapes should never be placed on areas that already have existing cuts or wounds - especially if they are fresh. This may aggravate the wound or cause infection in case debris gets trapped inside the tape.
  • Active infection site. Kinesiology tape should not be applied on an active infection site due to the tape’s effect on blood flow. Putting it on an infected area could increase the spread of the infection. 
  • Active cancer site. Kinesiology tape should not be applied on an active cancer site since the area has an impaired ability to heal. And, complications with the kin tape may affect circulation.
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or Blood clots.  Applying kinesiology tape on DVT or blood clots has the potential to break free one of these blood clots and cause complications. It could break away

When should you consult with a professional?

consult with a professional to apply kinesiology tape

If you’re looking to use kinesiology tape, you should contact a medical professional before using it if you have: 

  • Fragile skin
  • Taking blood thinners
  • Taking any hormone replacement therapy
  • If you’re on any medication that affects your circulatory system 

How should you prepare your skin when applying kinesiology tape?

back kinesiology tape

These are some simple tips to follow before applying kinesiology tape to your skin: 

  • Clip or shave hairy areas
  • Remove any sweat, oils, or lotion with rubbing alcohol before application
  • Apply the kinesiology tape 30 minutes prior to any activity 

If you want to know more about kinesiology tape and have some questions about it, you can check out this article. It gives you some tips on how to properly apply kinesiology tape as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions about kin tapes. 

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While the benefits of kinesiology tape are numerous - muscle and joint support, aiding recovery, and improving blood and fluid circulation - there might be cases where kinesiology tape might not be suited for you. 

If you are unsure whether it's a good treatment for you, we highly advise asking a medical professional about it. 

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