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11 Benefits of Kinesiology Tape

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benefits of kinesiology tape

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Muscle pain, injuries, and other muscle-related conditions can be a drag... especially when all you want to do is get your body moving. Good thing we have kinesiology tape. Ease your sports- or workout-related injuries easier, faster, and better with kinesiology taping.

11 Benefits of Kinesiology Tape

When applied correctly, kinesiology tape will feel like another layer of skin, never getting in the way or limiting your movement. This is due to the fact that kinesiology tape mimics the human skin elasticity and thickness. It is quite remarkable! Here are some of the tape’s other benefits: 

1. Taping Reduces Swelling and Inflammation

Taping Reduces Swelling and Inflammation


Swelling and inflammation caused by muscle injuries can be bothersome. Muscle swelling and inflammation is the body’s reaction to an injury. Even a workout at the gym can cause your muscles to swell. Instead of taking pain medications or anti-inflammatory drugs, taping it up offers a more holistic approach with little to no side effects at all. 

study by Bialoszewski etal 2009 found that kinesiology tape can help reduce the swelling and bruising of the muscle. The elasticity of the kinesiology tape lifts the skin away from the swollen tissue below; therefore it provides less physical resistance to the retained fluid removal by your lymphatic and venous drainage systems. 

2. Tape Creates Spaces In Joints to Prevent From Rubbing Together

A small amount of joint space between bones, will make them rub together, or have more pressure on each other. When this happens, it can be painful.

 Several studies showed that kinesiology taping increases the space in the knee joint. The same results were seen when the tape was applied on the shoulders. Kinesiology tape creates extra space. The extra space not only prevents bones from rubbing together, but going back to our second point, this will reduce swelling as well. When tape is applied there is a change in the pressure gradient in the area underneath the skin. The pressure enhances the flow of lymphatic fluid which reduces swelling.

3. Taping Improves Blood and Fluids Circulation

Taping Improves Blood and Fluids Circulation

Our lymphatic system is how our body regulates any swelling and fluid buildup. By now, you’re probably aware of the pain caused by swelling. The 2017 study also showed that kinesiology tape improves the circulation of blood and fluids in the body. It helps create spaces in joints, and creates extra space under the skin. This boosts the flow of our lymphatic fluid in the body. 

4. Taping Stimulates Bruise & Contusion Recovery

Bruises and contusions form when small veins and capillaries break under your skin. This causes internal bleeding, albeit most of them are not severe; they can be pretty painful.

Kinesiology tape gets applied to the bruise to drain the blood and encourage fresh blood to travel to the affected area. Fresh blood is filled with oxygen and nutrients that will help the affected area heal. Once again, this is all linked to our lymphatic system that removes excess fluid to help reduce swelling or bruising in the body. The lifting motion of the tape allows the better flow of fluid in the body.


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5. Taping Prevents/Relieves Muscle Spasms and Cramping

One way to prevent and relieve muscle spasms and cramping is to enhance the circulation in the body. Good circulation means there is a steady delivery of oxygen and nutrients, which is perfect for overused or fatigued muscles. Kinesiology tape can help improve blood circulation in the body.

 A study on the effects of kinesiology tape on skin blood flow shows that kinesiology taping could improve the blood flow in the skin and the circulation of the lymphatic fluids.

6. Taping Accelerates Muscle Recovery

Don’t you just hate it when your mobility is limited due to fatigued or overused muscles? Kinesiology tape can speed up the recovery and get you back in the game. When applied, the technology can stimulate the removal of lactic acid, hence, you get a speedier recovery. To add to that, it can also help boost your performance. 


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7. Kinesiology Tape Provides Support For Injured Muscles 

A lot of people think that having kinesiology tape applied to affected areas of their body may restrict them from moving. This cannot be further from the truth! Kinesiology tape has very unique elastic properties. This allows the tape to support muscle injuries and joint pain without restricting movement. You don’t have to worry about your mobility with kinesiology tape, it moves when you move. 

8. Taping Guarantees More Comfort Than Braces and Wraps

Taping Guarantees More Comfort Than Braces and Wraps

Braces and wraps help muscle injuries. If you’ve ever tried wearing either one, you know how uncomfortable they can get. Braces or wraps can restrict your movement. This is due to the fact that braces and wraps don't often fit right. Kinesiology tape is more comfortable and will not limit your range of motion.

Taping Guarantees More Comfort Than Braces and Wraps

After all, kinesiology tape is a tape that you apply to your body, and you’re all set. It’s recommended to be left on the skin for a few days at a time and you will barely notice that it’s there.

9. Tape Reduces Risk of Injury

Kinesiology tape supports weaker limbs, therefore, it reduces the risk of injury. A study in the application of kinesiology tape in professional dancers showed that Kinesiology taping could help in the primary and secondary prevention of injuries incurred in dancing. The analysis showed that kinesis taping could effectively reduce muscle spasms and rebuild muscle strength because it can improve the movement of the joints and regulate muscle tone. 

10. Kinesiology Tape Allows You To Move

Kinesiology Tape Allows You To Move

Another essential benefit of kinesiology taping which is highly valued by athletes is that it allows for a healthy range of motion. That said, you can still move and do most of your regular exercise routines even with the tape on. As mentioned, the tape moves when you do, and you do not have to worry about it falling off with movement—it’s designed to stick and move with you. 

11. Tape Improves Muscle Tone & Strength

Kinesiology tape helps improve the activation of the muscles by improving the interaction between the skin and underlying structures. Therefore, it resets the circuity on this part that improves muscle activation and performance. It creates a balance in the neural circuitry in the muscles, skin, and joints that can enhance your muscle performance and function. 


The benefits of kinesiology tape are enough to convince you that it’s really worth a shot. Many athletes rely on kinesiology taping to relieve them of various muscle injuries

Do you want to make it easier to train with minor injuries? Do you simply want to decrease muscle fatigue so that you’ll be able to train longer? Then give Tapegeeks kinesiology tape a try!



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