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How to make new year's resolutions that stick (2023)

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Resolutions are usually made at new years’ time when many people take some time to reflect on their lives and how they have changed since the past year. However, if you’re notorious for starting new year's resolutions but never get around to achieving them by year’s end, we are here to help you out!

How should you create your new year’s resolution?

January 1st is the new year for most people, even if you are reading this in March or June.  You may have new years resolutions already planned out and ready to go! Or perhaps you need a little more planning time. 

Either way, let’s talk about how to choose new year's resolutions that are doable.

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List down your goals 

The first step to creating your new year involves narrowing down your wants and needs. The act of physically writing down your goals puts more thought into them than just considering them in your head.

You are less likely to cross out items on paper because they feel like concrete possibilities rather than an idea still floating around in your mind. In addition, you want to be able to refer back to your goals throughout the year when you need motivation or inspiration.

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    Create SMART goals

    One of the most important aspects of making a new year's resolution is setting yourself up for success by ensuring that your goals are:Specific,Measurable,Achievable,Realistic, andTimely. 

    For example, a SMART goal can sound like, "I want to lose 15 pounds by the end of this year." 

    In the example, you have a specific number in mind - 15 pounds - that's measurable and realistic. It's also relatively achievable if you put in the work. Plus, you have a time set on when you should achieve your goal weight.

      Smart Goal

      Break down your goals into small, actionable steps

      Small goals are perfect because they are achievable. They also won't take too long before you've seen a difference. 

      If you want to take up a new hobby, for example, creating one task that states "lose weight" may not work because losing weight takes time and consistent effort that will take more than a week. 

      The best way that works is by dividing it into small tasks. If you're looking to lose weight, your action steps can include: 

      • Research gyms that you can go to in your area
      • Looking for a personal trainer
      • Work out X times every week
      • Research and tweak your current diet to a much healthier one or consult with a nutritionist
      breakdown goals

      Write an action plan 

      A new year's resolution can look like anything you want it to - whether it be something small or large scale. However, if your goal is too big then the chances of actually achieving it are slim to none. 

      An action plan will help break down what you need to do to accomplish your goals into smaller manageable tasks. That way, they won't seem so overwhelming anymore.

      Keep track of how often it takes you to do each task on your list, and try setting deadlines during the process! This will improve your chances of achieving each goal as time goes by.

        Write the plan

        What are the things to keep in mind to stick with your action plan?

        Being consistent with your efforts is the surefire way to get you to where you want to be. But, it’s not as easy as it sounds. That being said, here are a few ways and things to keep in mind so that you can stick with your plans.

        Stick to the plan

        Take it one day at a time

        Instead of focusing on the end period of completing your goal, focus on each day and how this will help you reach your final destination — finishing what you set out to do. 

        If done consistently every day, the tasks required for reaching your resolution should NOT feel like such a challenge and easier to adapt to your day-to-day routine.

          One day at a time

          Ask for help if you need it

          If you are struggling with some of the things on your list, ask for help! There's no shame in asking others for support or guidance on how they may have done something similar.

          ask help

          Track your progress

          Taking note of what you've done allows you to monitor your progress over time. It also gives you a sense of progression and movement.

          Track Progress

          Look for accountability buddies

          Sharing your new year's resolutions with others is another way you can hold yourself accountable. This is because people around you might notice if you don't care enough about what you say you want to accomplish.


          Don’t focus on your mistakes 

          Give yourself a break! To get what you want out of life, you need to be willing to put in the work. However, this does not mean that you have to be a productivity machine all the time. Taking breaks and being kind to yourself is just as important!


          Celebrate your successes - even the small ones

          Give yourself a pat on the back!  Take some time to celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem. These moments will help you remember that you can achieve anything if you put in the necessary effort and hard work.


          Don’t give up 

          If you are thinking that way about your new year's resolution, then you are doing yourself a disservice. Rather, think of this as the perfect opportunity to try again! If it didn't work out this year, there is no harm in trying another approach for the new year.

          don't give up

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          We hope these tips will help you in creating your New Year's Resolution list and help you attain any goals that you want to achieve. 

          So what are your resolutions for the new year? Comment below!

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