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Dealing with difficult patients

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Practitioners in every field have them. They are entirely unavoidable. We cringe when we see their name on our day sheet. We internally roll our eyes as we listen to the long-winded details of their symptoms. They relay, in excruciating detail, how your attempts to alleviate their issue availed them of not a single moment of relief.

Over the years, we learn how to “handle” these people by offering a variety of alternative suggestions and politely trying to imply that “you own your own body… nobody else could possibly troubleshoot all of the (crazy) things you do to yourself on a daily basis.”

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A few examples include the ultra-marathoner who has done 4-hundred milers in the first half of the year and wonders why his hip bursitis won't resolve. How about the lovely 55-year-old who at 5'3" and 260 lbs can't understand why her knees ache after a day at her retail job?

It may seem obvious to us and not so much for them but the fact is that some of us need a dose of reality when it comes to how much any intervention can do to overcome the abuses that many (most) of us inflict on our human frames.

The bottom line: for those of us who use various treatment modalities with our patients, kinesiology tape is not a panacea for every ailment that afflicts the human frame. Don’t promote it as such if you are a practitioner. And if you are a patient/consumer reading this… don't expect miracles.

It’s tape… on skin… which down-regulates the perception of minor pain and improves your sense of body awareness (proprioception)… that’s it.

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