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Scissors: Tape Geeks shears available on Amazon

  • 2 min read

kinesiology taping scissors

If you’re one of the frustrated many who had to endure sweat-inducing cutting sessions, then it’s high time that we address your scissor troubles! With Tape Geeks scissors, ensure that every time you cut something, it’s as if you’re cutting through butter.

For athletes, medical professionals, or even just the regular joe, everyone is meant to enjoy the benefits of Tape Geeks scissors!

Tape Geeks Kinesiology Taping Scissors

Tape Geeks Kinesiology Taping Scissors. Make your kinesiology tape cutting as smooth and as gum-free as possible with the TG kinesiology taping scissors! Made with razor-sharp blades with a non-stick coating, cut through even several layers of tape with ease.

What’s more, these shears are built to last you a lifetime! With its Japanese stainless steel blades, you can trust that you can keep rust at bay with this pair.



Tape Geeks Medical Scissors

Tape Geeks Medical Scissors. If you’re on the hunt for durable scissors that can cut through almost anything, the TG Medical scissors are your answer. Don’t get misled by the name, though! These shears aren’t just for medical professionals.

Made from Japanese stainless steel with serrated edges, comfortably snip through thick materials even metal! What’s more, the blunted edges will make sure that you keep inadvertent pokes at bay. These multi-purpose, lightweight shears are made for everyone!

To make sure that you can properly take care of your Tape Geeks shears, every pair comes with a free microfiber conditioning cloth to keep them in pristine condition. Wipe off the blades after every use.



So, are you ready to embrace that smooth and gum-free cutting session every time?

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