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Geeked Rehab

Geeked Rehab’s mission is to provide a variety of information to educate the general public on techniques used in Physical Therapy clinics that can be performed for more effective home rehab.

With contributions from multiple Physical Therapists with Doctorate degrees, they provide the best information from patient experience. And they do so while making sure that anyone can understand and implement immediately.

While guiding you on how to treat different aches and pains, they will also be pointing you to the best tools and products to use as you treat your condition at home.

Here are some of the most common injuries that you may experience if you have an active lifestyle and the kinesiology taping techniques that you can use for each condition:

Chris Kalisz

Chris Kalisz is no stranger to pain. Being a wrestler and a health and fitness professional, he is both used to experiencing aches and pains as well as providing relief for them.

He’s been part of the wrestling arena for 12 years and is working as a Corrective Exercise/ Movement Therapist and Neuromyofascial Specialist. He focuses on holistic pain management solutions. It includes corrective and functional movement mechanics, nervous system and fascial system-based therapies (SRT), and energy/emotional techniques.

With kinesiology tape being a staple tool for his trade, he wants nothing but the best out there. Chris trusts Tape Geeks for all his taping needs. Here are some more taping protocols that you can try for different injuries and conditions.

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