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Shoulder Pain Due to AC Joint Issues? Try This!

  • 1 min read

Shoulder Pain Due to AC Joint Issues? Try This!

A recent study1 of 48 adults suggests two specific taping protocols can increase subacromial joint space.

1. from origin to insertion (end to end) of the supraspinatus muscle

2. from origin to insertion of the anterior and posterior deltoid muscles.


The supraspinatus muscle (picture 1) helps to rotate the arm away from the body while pulling the head of the upper arm bone into its socket. It independently prevents the upper arm bone from dropping in the socket.

supraspinatus muscle


Picture 1: Diagram of the supraspinatus muscle (red)

(image from Wikipedia)

Picture 2: The anterior deltoid muscle (red) starts on the outer aspect of the collarbone while the posterior deltoid (blue) starts at the ridge of the shoulder blade. Both join to attach to the upper arm. (image from Wikipedia)

broad shoulder

When it comes to applying kinesiology tape, our preferred method is the second – to apply a strip to both the anterior and posterior deltoid, overlapping the finishing ends at the insertion point of the upper arm. This method gives the sensation of “hugging” the shoulder joint with tape.

1. Lyman K, et al. Effects of 3 Different Elastic Therapeutic Taping Methods on the Subacromial Joint Space, Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, Sept 2017 (