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5 Facts you must know before you buy kinesiology tape

  • 5 min read


Kinesiology tapes are becoming popular - especially with medical professionals such as physical therapists and chiropractors. This is because of their wide range of benefits. They’re designed to alleviate the pain of an injured body part, reduce swelling, improve fluid circulation, and provide support.

Don’t be surprised if there are many people who’ll come to your office asking whether they can use kinesiology tapes or not. After all, they need the opinion of someone who knows about the human body more than they do for the tape's proper application. 

This is a tough decision to make as there are many brands of tape available in the market right now.

But, you have to remember that not allkt tapes are created equal. Some have been made with low-quality materials that may harm the skin or can easily break with just a little bit of sweat. You have to consider this when giving your opinion as a medical professional. 

This is how Tape Geeks is different—ourktapes are strong, sensitive, and made from high-quality materials.

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This blog will discuss what makes Tape Geeks’ may be the best kinesiology tape out there. We'll also talk about why you should use it for your patients, especially professional athletes.

    1. Athletic tape that brings strong muscle support without harming the skin

    Tape Geeks’ tapes are strong enough to endure a wide range of movements from your body without peeling. It stays securely in place to make sure that your injured muscles receive adequate support without restricting movement.

    Our tapes are also extremely flexible. They move as the user moves so they can do a full range of motion while they stay active! It can be a custom fit that will cater to that person’s body needs.

    If they have sensitive skin, then it’s not a problem at all! Our kinesiology tape are using hypoallergenic materials and is latex-free. This is to ensure that anyone who uses it won't have any rashes, back acnes, or skin irritation.

    2. No sticky residue - avoid the hassle of having to peel off the glue that is stuck to the skin

    No sticky residue! Tape Geeks’ kinesiology tapes are perfect for binding limbs without having a wax-style removal after each use. The lack of adhesive in our kinesiology tapes ensure that it’s easy, and sometimes painless to remove without the leftover glue that sticks to the skin. 

    Even without adhesive, Tape Geeks’ kinesiology tapes can perfectly stick to the skin for a long time. 

    3. Our tapes are made for lasting wear so people don’t have to change them daily

    Our kinesiology tapes have a strong stick and are water-resistant. They retain their stickiness after each use. 

    Note that we recommend wearing our kinesiology tapes up to three days max even though they can last longer. This is to avoid any problems, especially in your skin.

    After three consecutive days of using the tape, let your skin breathe as you leave it off for at least a full day.

    4. ISO-Factory Certified

    Tape Geek's kinesiology tapes are made in an ISO-certified facility in South Korea. A country known for its high-quality and adhesive skin products. 

    This means the facility that creates our kinesiology tapes adheres to strict quality control standards to ensure that our customers won't have any problems using our tapes. 

    We are unlike other brands who usually turn to China for their tapes. More often than not, made in China tapes make use of a low-quality adhesive that may irritate the skin.

    With Tape Geeks, rest assured that your skin stays safe from allergies and rashes! Unlike other kin tape brands that use lower-quality adhesives (usually from China) that can cause skin irritation, our kinesiology tapes have 100% premium adhesives.

    While a lot of made-in-China products can be trusted, Chinese kinesiology tape is not recommended.

    Here at Tape Geeks, our kinesiology tape is created in an ISO-certified and dermatologist-approved facility in South Korea - a place known for its reliable and effective skincare products.

    5. Tried and Tested

    Looking for an amazing kinesiology tape made with professional and excellent quality for your customers? Need something to support for an aching injury of your patient? 

    The Tape Geeks has the best kinesiology tape for medical professionals like you. Our tapes have been tried and tested by regular people and they have already felt how amazing results our tapes are.  

    Here are some of the things our non-medical professional customers have to say about our kinesiology tapes: 

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    Professional grade and excellent quality.

    Was recommended this tape by a friend, and I’m glad he did! This is by far the best kinesiology tape I’ve used over the past 10+ years. I’ve used other popular tapes out there but this one is just way better in terms of the fabric (great quality, the adhesive holds extremely well, and the stretchiness is a lot more responsive to movement compared to other tapes I’ve used. Definitely a premium tape, A++ product. 

    • Reggie O’Malley

    Wow, what an amazing tape. 

    I have used this tape for almost two months. Wow, what an amazing tape. My muscles were a bit “overused” from the intense workout regime so I applied the kinesiology tape to prevent overstretching and speed up recovery. This tape is elastic and allowed me to keep working out without restricting the range of motions. 

    • Monika R.

    Great tape for my golfer’s elbow! 

    I purchased this tape to help treat some mild golfer’s elbow or medial epicondylitis. I don’t golf but got it from a combination of desk work and rock climbing. I use the tape to unload the base of the medial epicondyle tendon by taking the tension into the tape and soft tissues. This helps decrease pain, increase strength, and helps with healing. This tape works great! For my purpose the tape was a bit wide, so I cut it with scissors lengthwise and it cut just fine. The tape applied fine and has a good amount of stickiness to it. I wore the tape all day under my dress shirt and the tape help up and didn’t come off. I read the other reviews, which suggested round the corners which sounds like a good idea and will try next time. On removing the tape there was no leftover glue and the tape came off easier than I expected without removing my arm hair (my elbow doesn’t have much hair though). No-fuss, no mess, and did the job! Great stuff!

    • Jeffrey E. Frank


    This article has been a comprehensive overview of what makes Tape Geek’s kinesiology tapes different from others. You’ve learned about their great quality and why they’re convenient to use due to their lack of adhesive. 

    You also found out how our kinesiology tapes are manufactured to make sure that our clients won’t have any problem using them, especially those with sensitive skin.

    Professional athletes are now more inclined to use kinesiology tapes to provide support and pain relief to their different body parts, especially when engaging in physical activities. 

    The days of using traditional athletic tapes are left behind. Now’s the time to consider using Tape Geek’s kinesiology tapes for your patients as it gives them better support and fluid circulation without restricting their range of motion. 

    If you're looking for more information about using kin tapes, we have a whole blog that you can check out. 

    We have a collection of blog posts about different ways to tape your patients and how it can improve your patient’s athletic performance. These topics include who should not be using kinesiology tape as well as how to tape different areas of the body.

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