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TG Medical Scissors

Enjoy a smooth, precise cutting with Tape Geeks’ Bandage Scissors! For medical professionals looking for their go-to trauma shears, we promise, this autoclavable pair won’t be a waste of space in your medical bag.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Safe, Smooth, And Precise Cutting

Durable Japanese Stainless Steel

Non-Stick Fluoride-Coated Blades

No-Slip Angled PP-Coated Handles

Safe Blunted Tip

Autoclavable To 290°f/ 143°c

Experience smooth and precise kinesiology tape cutting without the blades getting gummed up with Tape Geeks Kinesiology Tape Scissors. These industrial-grade Japanese stainless steel shears are built to last!

Stay comfortable with these scissors’ angled handles coated with thermoplastic rubber. And, enjoy a non-slip grip as you cut through several layers of tape with ease. Plus, the blunted tips will ensure that you’re far from inadvertent pokes and tears. These shears keep you safe, secure, and comfortable as you snip away not just kinesiology tape but also various fabrics, leather, and more!


Ensure that you experience smooth and precise cutting when you use TapeGeeks Bandage Scissors. Featuring deep serrations on the blades, cut through several layers of bandages with ease! These EMT Trauma scissors aren’t just limited to snipping through bandages or kinesio tapes, either!


TapeGeeks Bandage Scissors are made with Japanese stainless steel. Durable and rust-free, they are built to last you a lifetime! Using the free microfiber conditioning cloth, properly take care of these shears and wipe the blades after every use to keep the blades clean and pristine.


Securely grasp these shears’ PP-coated handles. Whether you’re a rightie or a leftie, it doesn’t matter! The angled handles allow you a secure grip that’ll make long cutting sessions comfortable.


Featuring blunted ends and a bent angled tip, these bandage scissors from TapeGeeks will keep accidental pokes and tears at bay. Seamlessly cut through your patients’  used bandages or tape with ease and without the fear of lacerations.


Thoroughly sterilize these TapeGeeks Bandage Shears for every use. Medical-field tested and autoclavable to 290°F/ 143°C, these trauma scissors are perfect for doctors, nurses, paramedics, EMTs, and EMS professionals. 

Since these shears are multi-functional, cut not just bandages, sticky tape, or gauze! For crafters, DIY-enthusiasts, or dressmakers, use these shears to snip through fabrics, leather, or even packaging materials.

If you like to run with scissors, use these.

Although this type of scissors are used for medical use primarily, these are fantastic household scissors and useful for cutting anything except paper. They will cut paper, but they cut cloth, tape, cloth tape, string, rope, thin wire, cardboard, and most light to medium weight materials around the house and shop. I've been using these to cut all sorts of random things and so far they haven't loosened up or gotten dull at all. The metal is a very hard stainless steel and good quality with sharp blades.

I'm using these with my left hand and they work fine, which pretty much speaks for itself. A conditioning cloth is included to clean off the blade if you get sticky tape or other grime on the blade that can affect cutting performance. I don't really have any complaints about these shears. There is a reason they use this style to cut medical bandages, they just work well and perform a lot better than most standard scissors. One nice feature is the blunt tip which makes it less likely to poke your eye out if you run with scissors which I do on occasion when I'm running late and need to cut something ASAP.


Lightweight, but sturdy!

I was surprised by how light these shears were, while also being so sturdy! My husband was happy to add this to his med bag!

Torri Marie

Loved By Our Customers


Taping scissors are specially designed to cut through sticky kinesiology tape. 

The Tape Geeks Kinesiology Tape Scissors, for instance, has its Japanese stainless steel coated with black carbon and fluorine resin. This construction keeps off gum residue and prevents the blades from sticking together. Additionally, Japanese stainless steel is extremely durable and maintains a sharper edge compared to other types of steel. Enjoy a smooth and precise cutting with this pair!

Since these are used to cut through used bandages and even clothes, the blunted or curved tip of medical scissors ensures that you can safely cut through these materials without poking or even lacerating skin. The flattened knob at the tip also makes it easier for you to slip the blades under the bandages or clothes when you’re about to cut it. 

What’s more, if you unintentionally drop these shears, the blunted tips will stop those inadvertent pokes. Even when you store these in your pockets, worry not about accidental tears!

Most medical scissors are autoclavable to make sure that you can thoroughly sterilize them properly after each use. Autoclaves use heat and pressure to kill off bacteria and spores.

TapeGeeks Bandage Scissors, for example, are autoclavable to 290°F/ 143°C to ensure that the pair is thoroughly cleaned. Additionally, the PP handles are also carefully chosen as they can withstand autoclave sterilization.

If you’re not using TapeGeeks Bandage Scissors for medical purposes, you can keep them in pristine condition by wiping them clean with the free microfiber conditioning cloth. And, make sure to always wipe the blades when you’ve used this pair in activities that involve water.

Ideally, bandage scissors should be sharp enough to cut through several layers of bandage, gauze, or even clothing since they’re mostly used for emergencies. 

Knowing this, we’ve made sure that TapeGeeks Bandage Scissors are built with durable materials that’ll be able to adapt to these demands. Made from Japanese stainless steel, you can count on our shears to cut through thin and thick materials alike. Additionally, they also feature deep serrations in the blades that make it easier for you to cut through different types of materials with ease.

TapeGeeks Bandage Scissors are made with Japanese stainless steel. So, this means that they’re not prone to rust. To help you keep these shears in sharp and pristine condition, we made sure to include a free microfiber conditioning cloth to make sure that you can wipe the blades clean after every use. 

For those who are curious if you can use these shears in activities that involve water (just like scuba diving), the answer is yes! Again, you have to ensure that you properly wipe off the blades after using them to make these shears last you a lifetime.

Absolutely! These shears aren’t just designed to cut bandages. They are also able to cut through seatbelts and even tougher materials at that. Aside from layers of bandages, gauze, kinesiology tapes,  fabrics, packaging, and crafting materials, these shears are also able to cut through metals. 

Easily cut through aluminum sheets, wires, and other metals. Reach for these when you’re engaging in heavy-duty work that includes cutting wires and even sheet metal.

TapeGeeks Bandage scissors measure 7.5 inches which makes them easy to handle.