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TG Kinesiology Taping Scissors

Say goodbye to gummed-up shears with Tape Geeks’ Kinesiology Tape Scissors! Built for life, these razor-sharp Japanese stainless steel shears are the only pair that you will ever need for cutting kin tape!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Enjoy Precise Gum-Free Cutting

Durable Japanese Stainless Steel

Non-Stick Blades For Gum-Free Cutting

No-Slip TPR-Coated Handles

Safe And Blunted Ends

Left And Right-Hand Compatible

Adjustable Blade Tension

Experience smooth and precise kinesiology tape cutting without the blades getting gummed up with Tape Geeks Kinesiology Tape Scissors. These industrial-grade Japanese stainless steel shears are built to last!

Stay comfortable with these scissors’ angled handles coated with thermoplastic rubber. And, enjoy a non-slip grip as you cut through several layers of tape with ease. Plus, the blunted tips will ensure that you’re far from inadvertent pokes and tears. These shears keep you safe, secure, and comfortable as you snip away not just kinesiology tape but also various fabrics, leather, and more!


Cut through several layers of tape like it’s nothing with Tape Geeks Kinesiology Tape Scissors. With black carbon and fluorine-resin-coated blades, never worry about the blades getting gummed up and stuck again!


Tape Geeks Kinesiology Tape Scissors is made out of durable Japanese stainless steel that will last you a lifetime. Keep these shears in pristine condition by wiping the blades off after every use with the free microfiber conditioning cloth.


Securely grasp the handles whether you’re a rightie or leftie these Tape Geeks Kinesiology Tape Scissors. The angled TPR-coated handles ensure a comfortable and ergonomic grip for long cutting sessions. Let the soft handles deliver a well-cushioned sensation as the extra-long handle adds another layer of comfort.


Featuring blunted ends, steer clear of inadvertent pokes and tears! You can put these Tape Geeks Kinesiology Tape Scissors inside your bag or pockets without worry.


You’re not just limited to cutting through kinesiology tapes with these Tape Geeks scissors. Snip through different materials like fabrics, leather, and even packaging elements. This pair is perfect for crafters, hobbyists, and DIY lovers, as well!

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Taping scissors are specially designed to cut through sticky kinesiology tape. 

The Tape Geeks Kinesiology Tape Scissors, for instance, has its Japanese stainless steel coated with black carbon and fluorine resin. This construction keeps off gum residue and prevents the blades from sticking together. Additionally, Japanese stainless steel is extremely durable and maintains a sharper edge compared to other types of steel. Enjoy a smooth and precise cutting with this pair!

Don’t fall for the name. Tape Geeks Kinesiology Tape Scissors aren’t just great for cutting kinesiology tape. These multi-purpose shears can cut through different types of thick and thin materials. Easily cut through several layers of gauze, fabrics, crafting, or even packaging materials. 

With the blunted tips, put this pair inside your bag or pocket without worrying about accidental tears. And, if you accidentally dropped these, avoid accidental pokes as well.

Japanese stainless steel is considered to be one of the best materials to use for scissors. Durable, flexible, and able to maintain a sharp edge, this type of steel is also commonly used for making hair-cutting scissors.

To ensure that you can properly take care of your Tape Geeks Kinesiology Tape Scissors, we’ve included a free microfiber conditioning cloth. Make sure to wipe off the pair after every use to keep it in pristine condition.

Since Tape Geeks Kinesiology Tape Scissors are made from Japanese stainless steel, they are extremely durable - they’re designed to last a lifetime! These scissors aren’t prone to rust, either. Just make sure to wipe off and take care of this pair. 

Properly care for these shears using the free microfiber conditional cloth that comes with them. Make it a habit to wipe off any residue on the blades after every use to keep them sharp and in a pristine condition.

Absolutely! Tape Geeks Kinesiology Tape Scissors are easy to use. Featuring an angled handle that makes it both right and left-hand compatible, anyone can use these shears to cut through anything. Plus, the long handle ensures that you stay comfortable even through long cutting sessions. 

The TPU-coating on the handles makes sure that you have a secure grip and avoid any slippage. Plus, the adjustable blade tension allows you to set up these shears, not too hard and not too soft, just precisely to your liking. Smoothly cut through a variety of materials, even sticky tape, with these non-stick shears.

Tape Geeks Kinesiology Tape Scissors are extremely sharp and will last a very long time. In most cases, you can go years without resharpening these blades. However, should you ever feel the need to resharpen them, we recommend getting them resharpened at a professional sharpening service. These types of service centers should be easy enough to find in major shopping malls in your area.

Tape Geeks Kinesiology Tape scissors measures 21,5 cm (8.46 in). The blades’ length is 10cm (3.9in) and its handle length at 8cm (3.15in).