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TapeGeeks Kinesiology Tape Scissors

Experience smooth and precise kinesiology tape cutting without the blades getting gummed up with Tape Geek’s industrial-grade Kinesiology Tape Scissors. Made from Japanese Stainless steel, these shears are built to last and allow for a secure ergonomic grip whether you are left or right-handed. 


  • Durable Japanese stainless steel scissors built to last 
  • Black carbon and fluorine-resin-coated blades for a non-stick surface 
  • Safe and blunted ends to avoid inadvertent pokes 
  • Angled handles for an ergonomic grip; left and right hand compatible
  • No slip thermoplastic rubber (TPR) handle
  • Adjustable blade tension
  • Tape Geeks Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

*Pack includes a free microfiber conditioning cloth for cleaning and to maintain sharpness


So, you go in expecting a smooth and precise tape cutting session, but then... Oops! Your blade gets stuck. You try to press through, but it’s just not working out. How annoying! You take a closer look to see that there’s still gunk on there. It’s gum residue from your last tape-cutting. Frustrated, you realize that it’s not only a waste of time but also a waste of tape. 

Well, never experience this annoyance again! Cut without interruption with TapeGeeks’ Kinesiology Tape Scissors! The black carbon and fluorine-resin-coated blades make for a smooth, gum-free, and precise cutting. These extra-sharp Japanese stainless steel shears are built to last you a lifetime. 

Do you know that feeling when you are on a particularly lengthy tape-cutting sesh? Your hands start to cramp, or even painful altogether. Our TPR-coated and angled scissors are designed to prevent just that! These shears ensure a comfortable and ergonomic grip. Let the soft handles deliver a well-cushioned sensation as the extra-long handle adds another layer of comfort.

Snip away without the fear of slippage, either! These shears’ blunted edges will keep you safe from those accidental pokes.

Are you a leftie or a rightie? We say, “That doesn’t matter!” Compatible with both the right and left hand, anyone can cut through any thickness effortlessly. You can even have the option to adjust the blades’ tension to your liking.

With this physio shear's multi-functional design, cut not just kinesiology tapes! These industrial-grade scissors are great for shearing a variety of other materials. Glide through different types of fabrics, leather, or packaging articles. These tape shears are perfect for tailors, dressmakers, sewing hobbyists, and crafters alike!

Keep these razor-sharp shears in good condition using its microfiber cloth so that you can keep cutting through anything! It comes free with every purchase. 

Just as we want the best for ourselves, we want the same for you! This is why we offer a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee for our Kinesiology tape scissors. Meaning, should you encounter any problems during the lifetime of the item, please let us know. We will issue a full refund or even replace the product - COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!