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2” TG Precut K Tape

Save more time with our Tape Geeks 5 CM (2”) Pre-Cut Premium Kinesiology Tape as you do away with the hassle of cutting and measuring. Great for taping beginners, this is the roll for you!

Number of Applications: 5-10


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

woman balancing with kinesiology tape

Optimize Your Performance

Support for Injured Muscles

Reduces Risk of Injury

Improves Blood And Fluid Circulation

Accelerates Muscle Recovery

Improves Muscle Tone And Strength

Push your performance further with TapeGeeks Premium Kinesiology Tape. Enjoy muscle support as you reduce your risk of injury and speed up your recovery, all whilst continuing to engage in grueling activities. Tape on whilst swimming, running, weight lifting, yoga, golfing, playing football, basketball, and more!

Strong yet sensitive, TapeGeeks Premium Kinesiology Tape is gentle on the skin while giving you a great, reliable stick! Our tapes are hypoallergenic, latex-free, and made in an ISO-certified facility. You can trust that our tapes are made with comfort and safety in mind - and tape will work better than any brace you’ve tried!

man in crouched position with kinesiology tape


Number of Rolls and Length Number of Applications
Regular Roll 1 x (2" x 5m) 5 - 10
Pre-Cut Roll 1 x (2" x 5m)
(20 Strips)
5 - 10
Clinical Roll 1 x (2" x 35m) 35 - 70
3-Pack 3 x (2" x 5m) 15 - 30
6 Pack 6 x (2" x 5m) 30 - 60


TapeGeeks Premium Kinesiology Tape stays securely in place to ensure that injured muscles receive support without restricting movement. Extremely flexible, our tapes move as you move and allow you a full range of motion while you stay active! Better than wearing braces, enjoy a custom fit that will cater to your body’s exact needs.


Do you have sensitive skin and are prone to skin allergies and rashes? Worry not when you use TapeGeeks Premium Kinesiology Tape! Strong yet sensitive, our skin-friendly tapes stick very well but are easy to remove. Skin tears will never be a worry!


Wear TapeGeeks Premium Kinesiology Tapes without the fear of premature peeling. Our kinesiology tape will stay on even as you sweat it out at the gym, when you go swimming, diving, or as you stay active with other intense activities. You can even wear this tape when you shower.  

*Bonus tip: Round your tape corners to further prevent premature peeling since pointy tips may snag on clothing.


You can rely on our tape to treat your skin right. TapeGeeks Premium Kinesiology Tape is made in an ISO-certified facility that adheres to strict quality control standards. TapeGeeks Kinesiology Tape is also manufactured in South Korea which is known for its high-quality adhesives and skin products.

TapeGeeks Satisfaction Guarantee

Numerous athletes and physical therapists trust TapeGeeks Premium Kinesiology Tape for their taping needs. Try out our high-quality tapes today! If you find that we haven’t delivered on our promise, and in the unlikely event that you experience any skin reactions, we’ll give you a full refund, hassle-free.


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Kinesiology tape was developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase in the ‘70s to provide muscle support without limiting movement. It’s also been designed to help with general discomfort, boosting muscle support, and aid in muscle recovery. Since its popularity rose, physical therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and even the regular joe turn to ktapes to help with their active lifestyle. 

Made from cotton,  spandex, and adhesive, kinesiology tape mimics skin elasticity and is stretchier than other athletic tapes. Designed to be water-resistant, you can wear ktape as you sweat out at the gym, swimming, diving, or when engaging in any outdoor activity. You can even wear them as you shower.

Kinesiology tapes work by lifting the skin from the muscle below. In turn, the tape reduces swelling and promotes blood flow to the muscle to increase its function. 

Much more comfortable than braces and wraps, this extra elastic tape aids support for injured muscles without restricting movement. As it serves as excellent support for weaker limbs, it also reduces your risk for injury.  What’s more, ktape affords you a much more customizable fit!

If you want to know more about kinesiology tape, you can visit our Education page.

There are various ways of applying kinesiology tape for different parts of the body. If this is your first time using kinesiology tape, you can ask your physiotherapist or chiropractor for some advice on proper application. 

You can check out our Education page to learn proper taping protocols for different areas of the body. There are also tons of online resources that you can go to, including Youtube, that demonstrate proper taping protocols for different body parts as well as injuries.

We recommend wearing TapeGeeks tape for a maximum of 3 days. After 3 days of consistent wear, we highly advise you to remove the tape. Let your skin breathe for a minimum of 24 hours before reapplying. We know other brands recommend wearing tape for up to 5-7 days. While this may sound appealing, we highly discourage this - no matter what brand. Your skin needs to breathe!

Dab a generous amount of baby oil or cooking oil on the kinesiology tape. Let it sit for about 15-20 minutes. Then, gently pull the tape in the direction of the hair growth to remove the tape. Press on the skin as you remove and peel the tape. It would be ideal to do this in the shower so as not to make a mess. Initially, you can also try removing the tape simply in the shower without the baby oil or cooking oil. Typically using just water will also do the trick!