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How to earn extra income as a medical professional in 2023

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Did you know that 81% of patients are dissatisfied with their healthcare experience? As a healthcare practitioner, you have a lot to gain from creating a better experience for your patients when they spend time in your office. What better way to do that than by retailing products you use and trust?

Retailing is becoming a huge part of the healthcare industry. By doing so, you are making it easier for your patients to transition to home-based adjunctive care. You are giving them the convenience of shopping for the same products you use at your office. Not to mention, it's a great way for you to earn extra income while growing your practice.

Reselling Tape Geeks also gives your patients a convenient way to buy high-quality products that they know YOU love and trust. Paired with your help and instructions, your patients will go home with peace of mind and the supplies to aid their treatment.

Tape Geeks offers a variety of kinesiology taping essentials. From kinesiology tapes, bandages, and even special scissors designed for tape cutting, we have everything you need to help set your patients up for their taping journey!

For kinesiology tapes, they can choose from numerous colorways that range from vibrant shades to more subdued neutral hues.

Tape Geeks kinesiology tape, scissors, bundles, and cohesive bandages

TG's kinesiology tapes are manufactured in an ISO-certified and dermatologist-approved facility in South Korea. They are known for their reliable and consistent adhesives.

Gentle and sensitive to the skin, you can rest assured that your patients will have the support they need without harming their skin. Do away with fears about rashes and allergies! Our tapes are hypoallergenic, latex-free, and zinc-free kinesiology tapes.

For patients who are new to taping, pre-cut tapes are perfect! These can also suit those who do not have the time or expertise in measuring and cutting tapes yet. There are also regular rolls and bulk rolls available. These are great for folks who use kinesiology tapes daily. 

We are sure your patients who are gym-goers and athletes will also appreciate the tapes being waterproof and having a solid stick that will last for several days.

Active folks who need extra support, compression, and stability may also find TG’s Cohesive Bandages handy! 

Stretchy and hand-tearable, these self-adhering bandages are good as they are. They do not need the prep, unlike the regular bandages out there. What’s more, do away with pain when removing these stand-alone wraps since they do not stick to skin or hair!

Looking to provide patients with everything that they need for taping, Tape Geeks doesn’t offer tape alone. Tape Geeks also offers scissors that can seamlessly cut through tapes and even tougher materials!

For patients who are looking for a smooth and gum-free cutting for their kinesiology tapes, TG’s kinesiology tape scissors are designed to do just that! 

Tape Geeks kin taping shears are made from Japanese stainless steel with a black carbon coating. These razor-sharp shears will cut through sticky tapes like butter. With angled handles coated with thermoplastic rubber, these scissors are comfy to use even through long hours of cutting.

Additionally, TG’s medical scissors are excellent not just for cutting through tape and bandages. They’re also great for shearing through tougher materials - even metal! 

For taping newbies that don’t have their taping essentials yet, the Tape Geeks Bundles have everything they need! 

The bundles have rolls of kinesiology tapes paired with scissors and/or medical shears. Depending on how often they apply kin tape, they can choose from bundles with two to six rolls of tape.

We know how hard you have worked to become a master of your craft. This is why we want to show you our support! Sign up for a professional account today and get a 40% discount for LIFE. You can save 40% on our entire collection. 

There's no better way for people who have been authentically cared about by their doctor or facility than to have access to their supplies and needs so long as it doesn't interfere too much with treatment sessions. 

The best part? You will see an increase not only financially, but also an increase in patient satisfaction ratings. This is due to simply being able to provide your patients with more choices.

Tape Geeks will make retailing easier for you. With premium products, help your patients stay happy and satisfied while enjoying the support they need. 

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