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How much kinesiology tape do you need to start taping?

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How much kinesiology tape do you need to start taping?

Well, it depends.

A regular roll of TapeGeeks kinesiology tape allows you five to ten applications. How much tape you use can depend on several factors. This can include the area of your body you’re applying tape on, how active your lifestyle is, and several others.

Each of our kin tape selections is suited for different kinds of lifestyles.

TapeGeeks Kinesiology Tape Bulk roll

For instance, if you’re a physical therapist or chiropractor, we would assume that you would need a big supply of kin tape. Assuming that you will be using it daily to apply on several patients, going for a bulk roll is advantageous.

Of course, to get a much better gauge on how much tape you should buy, it’ll be helpful to start small first and see how long it takes you to finish a roll. Depending on the supplies you think you’ll need, you can then order accordingly.

TapeGeeks Kinesiology Tape Regular rolls

If you’re an avid runner and, let’s say, you tape every day and rest your skin for a day, three rolls will last you approximately 2-3 months. Although, you have to take note that this is just a conservative estimate.

In this case, the Tape Geeks 3-Pack Special is your best bet! You have to keep in mind that ideally, you can wear the kin tape for three days in a row and you should let your skin breathe between applications.

Give your skin at least 24 hours to breathe by not wearing any tape.

Some word of advice, if you’re still starting with your taping journey, the pre-cut rolls could also save you the hassle of measuring and cutting. Save yourself some time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

While kinesiology tapes can last five days up to a week, we highly recommend continuously wearing your tape for only up to three days - for the sake of your skin! After which, you should let your skin rest and breathe for a minimum of 24 hours before reapplying kin tape.

Yes, you can! You can wear kin tape to sleep. Actually, you can continuously wear this tape for up to three days - but no more than that! This is so that your skin can rest and breathe. It’ll also help you avoid skin irritation.

Definitely! Just as you can wear these tapes while you sleep, you can wear them while showering or even when engaging in water sports. When wearing TapeGeeks kinesiology tape, for instance, since this tape is water-resistant, you don’t have to worry about premature peeling even if you've exposed the tape to water or even sweat.

No, you can’t reuse kinesiology tape. Once used, the tape would have lost some of its stick. And, honestly, you wouldn’t want to reuse it after wearing it for a couple of days. The tape by this time would have been exposed to sweat and even dust and dirt making you more prone to skin irritation.


 How much tape should you order?

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