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TapeGeeks Special 2 PACK

Never experience the dilemma of having to choose just one color for your kinesio tapes and SAVE MORE while you’re at it! With Tape Geeks’ Special 2-pack, pick and choose two different vibrant (or neutral) colors and enjoy ultra-strong skin-friendly kin tapes made with latex-free acrylic adhesives!


  • 2 rolls for each pack
  • 5cm x 5m per roll; 5-10 applications per roll
  • Sports tape made with premium fabric and hypoallergenic adhesive to avoid skin irritation; Latex-free
  • Water-resistant
  • Made in an ISO-certified factory in South Korea - known for consistent and reliable adhesives
  • Tape Geeks Satisfaction Guarantee

Are you tired of always having to choose between your favorite kin tape colors? Solve this dilemma with Tape Geeks’ Special 2-pack without having to spend more as you purchase this bundle!

Indulge yourself in two rolls of high-quality kinesiology tapes made from latex-free acrylic adhesives! Tape on for your most rigorous and sweaty activities! Whether it’s for your gym workouts, yoga, weight lifting, golf, even swimming, premature peeling should be the least of your worries.

Unlike cheap and often “Made in China” tapes, our kin tapes deliver a great stick without making your skin sick! Our adhesives are hypoallergenic, consistent, and reliable. Wear our k-tapes for up to three days without worry!

While our tapes can stay on for up to a week, we highly recommend leaving them on for up to three days only - and this goes on for any brand. Remove the tape after three days of continuous use. Let your skin breathe! Wait for a minimum of 24 hours before reapplying.

To make sure that our tapes are safe to put on your skin, they’ve undergone strict quality checks and uphold only the highest standards. Our facilities are ISO-certified and are Dermatologist-approved. So, folks with sensitive skin, time to put your mind at ease!

For professionals, we are sure that your clients will love our tapes!


Join the legion of therapists and athletes that trust Tape Geeks for all of their taping needs! What’s more, is that we have a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. This means that if you think that we haven’t lived up to the hype, we’d be happy to give you a refund.

For a gum-free and efficient cutting, you can also check our durable and razor-sharp Japanese stainless steel scissors. Or, our shop to fulfill all of your taping needs!