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TapeGeeks Special 2 PACK

Help out your joints and muscles while helping out your wallet when you use Tape Geeks Special 2 Pack! Containing two rolls of kin tape, make sure that you always have a backup roll so that you never run out.

Push your performance further with TapeGeeks Premium Kinesiology Tape. Enjoy muscle support as you reduce your risk of injury and speed up your recovery, all whilst continuing to engage in grueling activities. Tape on whilst swimming, running, weight lifting, yoga, golfing, playing football, basketball, and more!

Strong yet sensitive, TapeGeeks Premium Kinesiology Tape is gentle on the skin while giving you a great, reliable stick! Our tapes are hypoallergenic, latex-free, and made in an ISO-certified facility. You can trust that our tapes are made with comfort and safety in mind - and tape will work better than any brace you’ve tried!