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TapeGeeks 5 Cm (2") Black Premium Kinesiology Tape


The TapeGeeks brand is 100% natural cotton with an acrylic adhesive which allows for comfortable multiple-day wear while still allowing the skin to do what it does best... breathe and sense!

Try this natural method to control common aches and pains! You might be amazed at how well it works!


Our premium kinesiology tape is appropriate for everyone from busy parents to elite athletes, and everyone else in between. It is strong enough to endure the toughest workouts yet gentle enough for multiple-day wear.


  • Ultra-Strong and Sticky
  • Premium Fabric and Hypoallergenic Adhesive
  • ISO certified factory
  • Water Resistant
  • 100% Cotton
  • 180% Stretch for Full Range of Motion
  • Latex and Zinc Free
  • Sticks for 2-7 Days
  • 5-10 Applications per Roll
  • Each Roll is 5cmx5m
  • Made in South Korea 

So Get Your Geek On! The best value in kinesiology tape! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Great tape for my golfer's elbow!

I purchased this tape to help treat some mild golfer's elbow or medial epicondylosis. I don't golf but got it from a combination of desk work and rock climbing. I used the tape to unload the base of my medial epicondyle tendon by taking the tension into the tape and soft tissues. This helps decrease pain, increase strength and helps with healing.

This tape works great! For my purpose the tape was a bit wide, so I cut it with scissors lengthwise and it cut just fine. The tape applied fine and has a good amount of stickyness to it. I wore the tape all day under my dress shirt and the tape held up and didn't come off. I read the other reviews which suggested rounding the corners which sounds like a good idea and will try that next time. On removing the tape there was no leftover glue and the tape came off easier than I expected without removing my arm hair (my elbow doesn't have much hair though). No fuss, no mess, and did the job! Great stuff!

Thank you so much Jeffrey! We're glad you enjoyed using our kinesiology tape.

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