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Tape-Like-A-Geek Online Seminar

Have you been thinking about taking a kinesiology taping course but just haven't found the right time? Then we have the solution for you...TODAY!

This is an online series so just login and start learning immediately.

This 6-hour course discusses the science behind this modality and best techniques for the most common clinical complaints and the ones you see daily!

Learn the best kinesiology taping techniques from the comfort of your own home/clinic.

No driving or flying to a venue, booking a hotel, attending a class all day, only to have forgotten half of the information by the time you leave!

Learn at your own pace and review as often as you like.

The course is laid out in easy to follow modules. Complex concepts are broken into bite-sized chunks. This will not only allow you to digest the information but have the skills to try these techniques immediately in your clinic.

Less than the price of a live seminar with no loss of time for travel!

Most seminars cost between $400-$500 and take a full day or weekend of your time.


Here's what you'll learn:

Lesson 1 (1hr)

Introduction of kinesiology tape research, evidence, theory and types of tape 

Videos 1 and 2

Lesson 2 (1hr)

Introduction to tape applications for pain, contraindications & considerations introduction 

Video 3

Lesson 3 (3hrs)

Tape applications for pain - Upper Limb

Tape applications for pain -  Spine

Tape applications for pain - Lower Limb

Video 4-9

Lesson 4 (1hr)

Introduction to biofeedback, movement & breaking position (chronic injuries and pain)

Tape applications for posture

Video 10 and 11

Lesson 5 (1hr)

Introduction to  Chronic scarring, acute post-surgical scarring & fascial glide 

Tape applications for scars

Video 12 and 13

Lesson 6 (1hr)

Introduction to swelling, edema and compromised populations

Tape applications for edema

Video 14 and 15

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