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X-treme 5 cm (2") Metallic Gold Kinesiology Tape

ARES Extreme is a newly designed kinesiology tape made of silky high-grade synthetic fabric.  
It's perfectly suitable for the occasions of extreme outdoor sports or events that require endurance.

We gave intensified elasticity and advanced adhesive strength so it can provide outstanding performances over most problematic muscle symptoms. 

- Latex-free Hypoallergenic Synthetic tape
- Acrylic heat-activated backing
- No Medicinal Properties
- Approximately the same thickness and weight of skin
- Comfortable to Wear
- Extremely Water-Resistant (Can be worn in Pool and Shower)

- Treat sport injuries and general muscle pain
- Promote blood/lymph circulation and healing
- Support for muscles and joints
- Prevent injuries and fatigue
- Enhance performance

Product Details
- Unit Size: 5cm x 5m (2.5 inch x 16.4 ft) 
- Individual package for 1 roll including Mini-Guide (Instructions) 

 *Please note that any claims of use and efficacy are unique to the brand

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