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Geek Pride Day is 25 May

  • 2 min read

Geek Pride Day is 25 May

Initiated in Spain in 2006 and celebrated annually since!

Long before some sage geek decided to snag this day as our own, the world was fascinated with and celebrated geeks.

Here is our top 7 Famous Geeks Countdown to help the mainstream peeps remember that Geeks Rule (nicely of course)!

#7 Sir Isaac Newton, a Geek Forefather

Thought to be one of the most important scientists of all time, having made influential contributions in math, astronomy and physics but also philosophy and theology.

 Sir Isaac Newton

“I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.”

Clark Kent

#6 Clark Kent, the ultimate Nerd alter ego

Remember… he was Super Man underneath those glasses!

Quote, “This looks like a job for Superman!”

#5 Alan Turing, computer algorithm genius, who cracked the German cipher during World War II.

Alan Turing

The general public became more aware of Mr. Turing after the making of the movie, “Imitation Game” starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

Quote, “A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was human. “

#4 Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Invented what we now call the world wide web, as a way to help scientists communicate information amongst themselves.

Quote, “You affect the world by what you browse.”

Sir Tim Berners-Lee
Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Love him or hate him (we prefer love), the bar for the esthetics and functionality for all computing devices was raised by this man.

Quote, “I want to put a ding in the universe.”

#2 Lisa Simpson

Everyone knows “The Simpsons” and Lisa holds a special place in geek hearts for her unwavering commitment to truth and science. She became a solid role model for many a young female geek.

Quote, "I learned that beneath my goody two shoes lies some very dark socks.​"

 Lisa Simpson

#1 Bill Gates

Do we even need to introduce Bill Gates? Founder of Microsoft, philanthropist extraordinare worth billions and also gives much of it away.

Bill Gates

It has been suggested that Mr. Gates is actually the father of all nerds. The quote that has been repeatedly attributed to him, is more or less the “up yours” anthem for all geekdom.

“Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.”

#3 Steve Jobs

Who in modern society can claim to have never been affect by this man? Nobody unless you’ve lived in your cave devoid of music, computers, cellular phones and tablets.

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